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Alright, its been a while since this band of Russian funeral doomsters have been reviewed on this site but we will fix that situation now with a review of their latest offering. Abstract Spirit are without a doubt one of the better bands in the Russian funeral-doom scene and this, their third album is their best to date. Titled ‘Horror Vacui’it wont appeal to many English-speaking people as it features mostly Russian text so I wont be mentioned many song-titles here but it doesn’t matter in the context of this album anyway. The album plays out like one-long nightmarish soundtrack even though it is made up of 7 tracks. Apart from one 3 minute interlude placed in the middle of the albums running order, the songs here all range from 9 to 13 minutes but not much of it drags, thankfully. Sounding like a more orchestrated Shape Of Despair this three-piece band can only be described as ‘surreal-doom.’

The sound here is pretty much flawless, the rhythm guitars are low, distorted and completely uncompromising, the lead guitars are clean and beautiful, but also very sinister. Keyboards are used in a symphonic and grand manner, once again like Shape of Despair in its approach.  The production on this album is also a big-step up from their previous album, ‘Tragedy and Weeds’ but what really makes this album as good as it is, is the icy-cold atmosphere and the mesmerizing ambient sequences.

Abstract Spirit have found a great balance on this album between eerie orchestrated piano, brass and strings and funeral-doom heavy riffing. There is many variations to their formula as songs are constantly mutating and evolving so even though ‘Horror Vacui’ extends out past 70 minutes of gruelling suffocating doom, it stays interesting all the way through.

The band are not reinventing anything that has been done before from countless other funeral-doom acts, especially Russian ones but it is so well-thought out that it really stands out as one of the best albums recently released in the genre. There is several standout tracks all equally as strong but ( and I think this is a first ) the interlude track, ‘Vigilae Mortuorum’ is truly captivating and chilling and a major standout track. Someone out there who is currently making a horror-film needs to get hold of this and include it is its soundtrack, this is one of the most spooky and dramatic pieces of music I have heard this year. Other highlights include the title track and ‘Post Mortem’ both titled in English which trust me is pure coincidence. These tracks are perhaps the best examples of the bands cinematic funeral doom approach, all these tracks create fear, anxiety and terror and are beautifully played and composed.

Abstract Spirit came about from Comatose Vigil’s metamorphosis but now only features one member of Comatose Vigil which is drummer and vocalist AK Iezor. He is joined on this album with Manhat and Stellarghost,  both of Twilight Is Mine. These names might not mean anything to you right now but I feel they will in time if you take the time out to hear Abstract Spirit and ‘Horror Vacui’ their most accomplished and ambitious album so far………9/10

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Posted June 23, 2011 by doommantia in Abstract Spirit

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